boom today and bam tomorrow

a) today i saw one of these
(the mailbox, but also i saw ladies and probably hats)

b) maureen sent me the anxiety montage. feel...i have a soundtrack.

c) something for, before or after someone:

something is
having a disease named after you
to always send
a signal that way

those new rolling shoes are funny
or an invisible race
[no one would dare trump
a lou gehrig skate]

everyone's a believer
did you say the name
of my hometown?
[fresh sheep yellow matter]

the secret of the universe
is going to be gravity
acetylcholine makes
the first wave

[which first elicits
specific visions and
grass patterns, but
could be academic]

[a cat with a neuro problem]

[a cat who can not walk]

in my latent phase,
russians, sodium,
botulism; ham
alights on them

filling gaps in
framework & feeding
& caring for them
their mnemonics

i left it vague
so that i could be
the sun of a gun
so that i could be


[i wanted it to be so much sadder]
[i wanted this to be like that time]

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