i love american typewriter fonts like some people love other people


real-life update: put in ye olde resignation for 60-pounder, nee autism ravioli.

during my torturous lunch with ryan walker, he said something that has stuck: the more jobs you work, the less money you make. that combined with general stress that that job specifically entails, plus lack of studius maximus time (i lie; it's a concentration problem more than a temporal one), plus loan check equals the joy of decision-making that i can hardly suppress. for some reason i'm under the impression that i will be able to sit on the balcony with the dogs and have a mint julep every night. what a riot!

having many part-time jobs and being in school has made me feel like a more jaded--and yet calmer--version of 18-year-old me, sans the peace sign shaved into the back of my head (true).

is cynicism better or worse than escapism? amongst yourselves, please.


per the ongoing revisi(tat)ion (still back in march, if anyone's comparing the originals side-by-side):

pasteurizing supremely / RULES / link tool


i'm quaker.
or, my selected lifestyle
is pasteurizing supremely.


ryan mentioned bks, and i find this particularly compelling at the moment:

But I don’t have a fact in me.
I let the blog date this poem.

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Ryan W. said...

hey, I remember when I said all that, that was great.

bender said...

let it be known! the genericalness of your comment does not override that you do in fact appear twice in one post. posterity. that's what it is.

kevin.thurston said...

i currently have -400+ in the bank. i am going to have to carry to rents in july. i am totally fucked.

i write this because i work one job that is oppressive and i have a hard time figuring out why given my finances.

bender said...

do you mean why do you work an oppressive job if it only pays you minus 400 dollars?