i also got a brand new phone book from 2002 to sit on in the car.

i'll bet my life my body will never fail me.

when a slight child is painful and there's nothing you can do about it, you almost forget your proximity to them, or that modes are mere idols of intention. you come in and out of realizing them. sometimes it's 3am, and sometimes it's their unabashed voice, and just their rigid bones. this was my experience last night. puritanically speaking, it ebbed and flowed. the sun comes up much earlier than expected, yet barney's terror never waivers.

"unable to read a book for any great length of time, for to abandon himself thus threatened him"

"take that child and teach him senseless"

"artist materials & picture framing"


The object is a collection

a feature of unusual interest.

Little Boy Blue,
I Have a Rendezvous with Death,

The American Flag

in the Winds,

for a Soldier,

The Old Swimmin'-

and The Past,

My Life is Like

A Life

Each and All

A Life
The Wreck
The Village
The Day
The Bridge

My Youth

A Picture
A Ballad

The Blue and the Gray

The Past

A Little While I Linger
Mocking Bird

in the Pines

San Francisco.

Do you Fear the Wind?

The Flag Goes By


The Tuft of Flowers

I Have a Rendezvous

A Farmer
Do You Fear the Wind?


[adam] said...

reading this two days before "independence" again...

not wanting to use adjectives to express emotion.

there is strong liking of this movementing.

the object is a collection.

an image is a process.

ebbed & flowed.

intention's input.

bender said...

you must be catching up on my emo log. you should be prepared for a lot of...bullshit. basically. and some profound sociopolitical critique shrouded in sarcasm and inappropriate...ness.