justin edward sirois is to me as holy is to crap

thanks be to justin for naming my affliction; i would argue (if this was an argument) that katamari damacy has the same effect--that is, after i played katamari damacy but one time i began to view the world in terms of which objects could pick up other slightly larger objects were the objects magnetic to my giant alien ball:

also, here is a photograph from approximately june 7, 2001 (i have no idea but that seems right; i remember having a mint julep), at a very exclusive poetry reading where i met justin edward sirois. everyone was very serious. you can't see me, but i would be just to the left. the guy threw a poem at me. it said, "weather is always weather made concrete." but the second "weather" was crossed out and "memory" was written above it. i thought it was very funny that such a very serious person would make such a very obvious mistake with their poem object. on the other side of the paper there were m- and v-shaped bird drawings. thus began the venture of beautiful objective art that has brought me to blog with you here.


kevin.thurston said...

serious poetry? in ripped shorts and a t-shirt? seriously

nationofulysses said...

sirois-ly, the guy's one hemp necklace away from surfing with Lars Ulrich of Metallica (the heavy metal bad) and later in the evening, grabbing bbq tofu gyros with Billy Collins while sharing a mint choclate cigarillo.

were you so blown away by the photo that you STOOD ME UP LAST NIGHT?

another evening of organizing books and hanging shelves.

you owe me a drink -- chardonnay on the rocks please!

bender said...

ohhhhhh shit. i'm not having this conversation online.