it's not easy to be me

think i accidentally agreed to go on a date (or possibly even marry?) with uzoma, who i believed to be my lone nigerian friend in A&P class. let's call him the lone nigerian. i guess it was totally hott when i got into an argument with my professor about the linguistics of his practice quiz in front of 50 people, wearing my summer garment. let's call it an overall jumper, because that's what it is, for christ's sake, godammit.

the blogging will likely remain sparse as i delve deeper into our bodies. i don't even play tetris before bed anymore. this is all true. every time i count to infinity i run out of feng shui.


nationofulysses said...

the father is correct in this case; after level 12 you've got to change your strategy, as much as you don't want to, and go for all out line clearing survival. high scores are tempting, but attempting Tetrises (Tetri?) this late in the game is plain suicide –

I tried to hang a six foot long shelf by myself last night in my bedroom and started to sob (because no one should be doing that by themself).

dates w/ Nigerian are better than dates with girls with boyfriends.
or maybe not.
in London my goal is to find a African-British wife who can rap like a motherfucker and knows how to conceal a razorblade in her mouth, I’ll keep you update via camera-phone and expensive texxxxxxxxxxxxts.

separating the separatists for 28 lovely years,

justin sirois
Management Analyst
level 14

Ryan W. said...

I laugh loud when I read post.

maybe it's that nigerian who has $1,000,000,000.00

bender said...

holy...i didn't even think of that. UZOMAAAAAAAA!!!!