i had lunch with ryan

it feels like living in a sweet crepe, swimming around with my mouth open in a skylite snowcone, and lazing about with my mouth closed on marshmallows. it's like i never have to fear again, because fear has been replaced by marvelous novelty foodstuffs of understanding. oh...oh no.


you don't know how lucky you are
that you don't
swell up like a balloon
and explode.

matrix of the locus
to feign delightful blunder
some reactionary nap
dog knows better than to fence in

no dog; be a dog
to catch in the hands would be
something like a detriment
to return would be something else

"how will i know
when i make a mistake"
if it's not too forward,
i missed my train for a kiddie cone.

one should always view one's art
as horribly embarrassing
there are implications
there are very large bathrooms

to be reckoned with
[beneath all these clothes,
i am a very serious person
with more very serious clothes]


Ryan W. said...

this reminds me of that one time in the gallery when you said you were a serious person

bender said...

that reminds me of that one time on the sidewalk when you said you were a liar