for the ring around your siamese dream

i have the most hilarious idea: let's blubber on the cou-ch and fall asleep with disabilities. you show me yours; you wait; we suffer for the passage of mathematical measures; "why" is a weather; "why" is our folly and our failure. proliferating roaches can not keep us from that late upholstery, can not keep the body from the house's creaking, the house's brave location, the army of absent inhabitants, the house's abstract return.

would you rather have a lump in your dad or a ring around your sleeping butt? would you rather consider the physics of a lease agreement or forking over for the kitten you've always dreamed of? if you found a petrified ham sandwich in that back of the drawer, would you:

a) hesitate before throwing it out
b) ask it why it did that thing
c) pass out against its humid back
d) watch it for subconscious cues

let's hope there's a hot lunch buffet on the london beach--
let's hope we can rake up the leaves without collapsing into somber dreams.


[adam] said...

you are sleeping with the weather.

seriously, the "why" won't weather its own snow.

seriously consider the kitten.

where do kittens come from, really?

as for the beach, i could think o nothing finer.

see, i just tried to, and couldnt

nationofulysses said...

Remember, you can steal a kitten if there are an infinite number of the same kitten.

bender said...

earthworms just rub together, but i sure as hell don't know where kittens come from. i know another adam with a bunny patch on his chin. the hair comes in all white and little bunnies roll out onto the floor. infinite bunnies. (that is the name of actual bottom's first EP).

bender said...

kitten infinities all up on my island, buccaneer

[adam] said...

if a kitten "takes it on the chin", that's when some weather starts looking for kittens. also something about angels.

[actual bottom's first ep was good, much much better than the second, "kitten takes it on the chin", which was pretty much just champagne popping celebratory masturbation.]

Ryan W. said...

I don't think we need poetry anymore post-this kitten. we probably haven't needed it for a while, but this kitten makes it obvious.

Ryan W. said...

ok, now I've read the post. I don't know what to think. it's poetry, and it does provide something the kitten picture does not. I know "need" sounds grandiose, but I do think so, that we need it. both tho. the kitten picture and the writing that follows. now I'm going to read the comments.

Ryan W. said...

I read the comments. I do kind of feel like this comment thread is an island that we will never leave. I have some water about to boil in the kitchen, so that inconvenciences my assertion, I mean inconveniences. I am glad the rest of the world has become superfluous. I'm thinking of how in one of the superman movies, the bad guys were two-dimensional things floating out into space. I think that the avatars in this thread are like that. adam doesn't have an avatar. I don't mean to leave him out.

bender said...

this is just the islandest island. we don't need anything, but we might need a picture of it.