anatomy and physiologeology

did you know that in the bone matrix, collagen fibers are like rebar, and hydroxyapetite is like cement? you can find hydroxyapetite in the rocks of western maryland. sometimes it looks orangish, but that's from impurities. tomorrow i make my way westward, from whence all of my fears emanate. what's more, i will be obliged to pick strawberries and look over the fence for that veal calf, and in the morning i will have corn pops with my dad. then it's off to the mountains to pick up the 60-pounder from camp david, or thereabouts--they're not calling it camp david anymore, the camp that we don't know sits in the catoctin mountains about 2.2 miles from the inside of the national park. you can find rebar in the arms of a one mister sirois, although his arms are made of Korean avatars and his name is made of our generation. we are the Wii of poetries; all of our friends are DJs.

i was SO into these when i was a young westward:

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Reen said...

Both rebar and cement are the subject of antidumping duty orders. We must keep nefarious foreign rebar and cement out of our precious US of A.