$6.00 girls wash, tips optional

that is a sign on my way home from school in dundalk, MD. best place in america according to the t-shirt i just used to clean out my dusty dresser.


maureen = dramatic reading by which 'drama' = true character development through performance of text which i assume is actually very serious in parts, but being funny reduces embarrassment factor for reader & audience. condensation of middle english text into 100 words A M A Z I N G. sloshed emo swashbuckler also amazing. "reach around the jib."

ryan = hysterical profundity; little drunk by then (me); mike armi folded abraham lincoln such that abe's bottom lip became deliverance. mike armi and i made out on the dance floor at NYE tax lo years ago. i remember a homeless man in the corner. red velvet pants (me). ryan obtained permission to laugh at his own poems and laugh he did. when i got home there were two or three serendipitous things to do with text from throughout the night but as mentioned i was drunkerly and promptly forgot what they were.


i hate contact paper but i love edging walls for painting. also really into filling out forms/bubbles. really got off on SATs for that reason. i knew a girl who literally got off during test taking--had to do with anxiety and tension. she didn't look forward to it. pavlovian-O.


the anatomy man says if your bones were made of skin, you couldn't stand up. textbook $209.00. he wishes he could peel my abdomen back so i could see my intestines squishing around in serous fluid. coming up: dissection of cow eyeball, sheep brain.


bunch of
stupid crap

if your eyes
were made
of fingernails
you wouldn't
be able
to see

and that old
wive's tale?

it's always
this way



Ryan W. said...

I remember that.
that was great. great!!!

very hot out.
always want to pull tubes when it's this hot, and just go out there and be an alien.

bender said...

what was great? eyeball?

when it's this hot i have to remind myself that everyone feels alien and not just me.

Ryan W. said...

the reading was great. I knew you wouldn't know I meant that. that's what's sometimes great about the word that.