60-ft snake in the hose aisle

this is what i mean about summertime martyrdom. six hours over a 450-degree stone and then off to the horrific public pool with the 62-pounder. there are four horrific pools within the horrific public pool. huge minivan striation. if it were the early 90s there would be a lot of coed naked i'm-just-not-that-into-you-anymore shirts.

i turned on the Window Unit.

i repaired my clothes rack.

i bought ice cream from royal farms as the lightning lit the cemetery across the street from my house. there is nothing scary about that particular cemetery, but the zodiac restaurant is a completely different story.

sandlestrap pushbutton
open open
who knew
that place was
and then a poodle
where there shouldn't

happy impediment
small fry county
horrific jog
about the honeysuckle
excuse my weather
my other jacket

what? that's stupid. this whole thing.

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