firecrackers. i bet it was just firecrackers.

via donut blog:

Thought or thinking is a mental process which allows beings to model the world, and so to deal with it effectively according to their goals, plans, ends and desires.

Inaccurate. Just look at me.



  • Handshakes. This is a more formalized type of contact, frequent among older individuals and only denoting feelings of friendship if emphasized.
  • Holding hands
  • High five
  • Hugging
    • Pound hug This embrace, primarily used by young males, has become popular among Western subgroups because it expresses affection while maintaining a remote posture, so as to preclude any homosexual connotations[1].
  • Walking arm-in-arm
  • Placing an arm over the other's shoulder or waist
  • Kissing
  • Eskimo kissing
  • Imitation of fight (e.g. a punch on the shoulder, most common among young males)

my sister had a near-lucid dream that aliens visited her, and nonverbally explained the big topics. they asked if she wanted to leave her body and come with them back to before/god, and she made the choice to go with them and learn, but not die. they said basically all of buddhism. tonight we went to a place called rocky run, which is jgp's mina's favorite restaurant. the menus were about 2' x 3'. it was really nice.

pound hugs forever,


nationofulysses said...

just model your world after a doughnut -- no problem. have you ever had the 'manager's special' at the Dunken in Hampden? it's a infant size cruller (twister) glazed with french dressing & green tabasco, then baked to a terse, but deliciously crunchy exoskeleton. they encourage you to eat it outside to "spare the customer's". i'd model my world after a sausage croissant sandwich, but you know, i'm one of those guys.

Ryan W. said...

hey, I thinks cathy is a fan of that marriedtothesea thing

there should be a wikipedia museum, where you can walk around in the wikipediosity, and hear things in the headphones. the only thing holding me back as a person is that I have to read things instead of walking around in them with headphones

Ryan W. said...

is there a term for the classic multi-stage handshake wherein you first do the normal handshake, then it inverts so the arms make an upward pointing steeple, and then the hands go apart but get hooked on each other briefly and then snap apart? I'm always amazed at the high percentage of success... even if it's not something you do with people often, and there's no way to know that the initial normal handshake will turn into a multi-stage, it tends to work. there must be something innate in most people that allows them to execute that handshake.

bender said...

when i first read your handshake description, i thought you were talking about some grandiose version of london bridge, with some extra country line dancing thrown in. but then i realized the exact handshake you are talking about. i always just thought it was called "the trick."

i'm imagining a collaboration where we (all of us) build a room for you made of every word, and stand in different locations saying words to you. you can wear headphones if you want.