techno (various)

i used to listen to a lot of acid jazz. "a lot" is not exactly true.

today i ran over my phone with my car. actually i ran over my entire backpack. why is something like that so funny? i don't know. it just is. my last phone floated down the street and into a drainage ditch in the rain when i flew over the handlebars of my 60 lb yellow bike. then a republican found it and i picked it up, and then my sister's puppy ate the phone's face off. for now i will just justify my latent antisocial behavior and screen by default.

everyone at school dates someone in the army.

personal ad from statistics class today, for the woman to my left:
"talks to self." [check]

i gained weight when kevin was here. i have to mail his pajamas back to him even though he said i could keep them--i just don't have the kind of room normal-sized clothing takes up. when justin was here and saw me in my pajamas he said i looked like i was getting ready to go to a captain beefheart concert. if he only knew. last night i dreamt of flourescent alligators hiding in the bushes, my grandmom, and tetanus.

my new room is entirely covered with stucco, except for the floor. there will be a motif. suggestions welcome, as are any giant plaster seashells and impasto ocean paintings.


kevin.thurston said...

i gained weight when kevin was here.

i prefer to think of it as helping the local economy

nationofulysses said...

you can always burn off that fat when you're cuttin' rugs at the Beefheart show. i need a new cellphone -- one that moans like a horse falling off a cliff. youTube is the next polyurethane.