stroll scroll

sure, bringing a seven-layer burrito could be considered
but in the time it took, topography, which tent, and suddenly.
one name missing against gardens, F
w, Fp, MOM & DAD, simultaneously
and in so doing, a skip across other names into what would be called
"blustery" but now new kentucky blue, some cross acrosT a gradient.

disorient, until the trash skips away, on purpose, pulling hueys
(there must (every kid (is it...wait...))
let it, and indent where the there-there swept. ajar and waiting.
a jar of expected signifiers, instead, anticipatory duration crudely
in that singularity we block our boggy luggage into position.

we came home and she fell fast asleep upright in the chair was surrounded.
let's play fish market, throw a box inside a boxed-up ketchup
rumblin' with melons and knives, swear that polynesian newscaster
shelving electronegatives into the ledger, that pig-tailed cat
if you can hear this poem, prove inside the ground forever.

1 comment:

AsGood said...

being heard inside the poem, simultaneously being proved inside the ground, beside myself, called Skip, every kid a gradient against gardens, and waiting, was surrounded, was came home.

Was Came Home played "House" with chair and jar.

Melons was a'rumblin' but crudely.

A jar was unexpectedly excepted.

Wallace Stevens could be in a jar.

Wallace Stevens doing lines.