saline solutions

i just went to the beach all in one day! well, sandy point state park. i fell asleep. when denise woke me i was all discombobulated and felt scared; then i realized i was just too hot and jumped back into the bay, which was too cold, but evened things out. i soaked my puncture wounds. when it happened, i could see way too far into my hand. i love other people's insides but it took a couple times of looking before i really loved my own. then i couldn't stop.

tomorrow i get to not work and see ryan and maureen and the other guy. i don't know him but he comes to stuff. i mean saturday. tomorrow i do have to work, for 13 hours, but some of those hours involve punching the chickpeas.

i'm living in my new house. the shower is really superb. i might start hygiene.



Ryan W. said...

where in the natty boh man is the new house?

bender said...

sitting right above the moustache. so to speak.