rocket to venus, come in venus

make-out amish moustache
get a load of this brown stuff
wikipedia promise
at the very least
inhibitions are affected
there is a man
he has a head


intuitive tilt-table density
test; tolerance study
until later; proliferation
manipulates too many
AHA! infinitude for you
or some random program
to wed the whistle and the theme


successful success!
correspondence multiple
compete with my poems
posterity suitcase!
pointed at that point
at which
his head
my word!
all points


much like our planet
but wouldn't
too invested to 2%
and won't know what to do
come arrival


li'l tipsy
we covered much terrain
he rang his bell
(turns and learns new things)
(should and turns new things)


*complete lack of desire for legacy other than having ashes condensed into a diamond and worn
*lack of knowledge of contemporary media and utilization thereof
*difference between utilization and exploitation; difference between applying form to media and tailoring media to fit form
*collaboration as test and collaboration as intimacy; aesthetic vs tendency


hold many
don't have any

(colony, protectorate)
(not directive)
(tiny island)


"when there is no more hope, there is no more fear"
-chris toll


nationofulysses said...

pocket Rocket to Venus

you & I Bangalore, like talk like young telemarketers on the new salary scale – drinking at your desk, changing sex just to piss off your team leader. What sex is he now? Hot damn! I can’t keep up! Adopt an alternative lifestyle because styles symbolize a marginal freedom, adopt a kitten because it makes you feel like a little animal & who doesn’t like baby animals? Remember – idea first, then the medium. Yeah, I’d have a drawer of Louisville sluggers that titanic minute long tantric catastrophes, tell my coworkers about passing out in the shower like a roaring lawn mower thrown from a high-rise. In staccato clangors, my iron bell is cast in riled neighbors, masturbate them awake to hear your new folklore. Your myth is my myth, Wiki that times infinity

bender said...

if i was a louisville slugger and justin was masturbation, i would beat my love into him until he was still

if i was a baby animal and justin was beaten still, i would roar at him for a straight minute-long catastrophe