is it possible to end up with a blank game screen in tetris, eg the perfect combination of cubes has been placed so as to clear out the bank? the fact that it doesn't seem to ever happen is what makes me keep playing. i wonder what it says about tetris in the book called break free from OCD peeking over the top shelf in my closet. goddammit.


nationofulysses said...

yes -- it is possible.

level 14

Reen said...

This kind of magic reiterating tetris pyramid is beautiful. I like the labels.

I like systemization. Maybe poetry and tetris have this in common. Systems and their inevitable defeats.

Do you ever see how quickly you can lose a game of tetris?

bender said...

i hate to admit it but i like systemization too. i love office depot, plastic supplies, and any device like the antiquated crayola caddy. i never once used any of the supplies on the crayola caddy; i just sat in the basement and looked at it, turned it a little, looked at it again, turned it some more...

we had 70s shag carpet and wood paneling down there. once my mom sent us down to feed our guinea pigs and mine ("softy") wasn't so soft. for some reason her burial was delayed and she was kept in a shoebox in the garage; being the person i have continued to be, i peeked.


i still hate to think that poetry is systematic but clearly that would be hypocritical.


i haven't tried to lose per se...justin, is it possible to WIN tetris? (justin had a hamster named thunder).