kevin: yeah, im debating the entire thing
you and i are going places
12:46 PM (weaker) right?
me: oooh! is it galapagos?
right? right? (quiet, backing out of room)
kevin: (quieter) going places
12:47 PM me: i wanna go to south america (silent)
URAGUAY! (loud as possible)
kevin: (quiter still) love me
me: you: shhhhh!
kevin: sorry
me: we need to read this out loud
12:48 PM here i go. linear regression. xoxo
kevin: i just seized
never do that again!
12:49 PM so much movement
me: what, induce a seizure?
kevin: from me
(rubs head)
me: (cackles) (really)
k bye. monster.
kevin: word

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nationofulysses said...

my hero!
-- Bernanke can't squat for shit.

i made a funny.