mule car

Donkeys are frequently considered among the most morose member of the family Equidae, although some posit that the faces of mules and even hinnies, in their darkest moments, rival the donkey's saturnine visage.

dunkeys'r not stubbrn! no,
self-conscious, like,
crossing a brook, like,
a mule would,

there is sufficient donut
to support the claim that
you are no longer
inhabiting your body.
no. it is eye who have ewe.

come with us?
"gets you right here. and here."
come with us.
for many minutes i have looked
for my thought.

i would say i recognize the dog
no, it are chinchillas, thrice
and each time garages of neglect
somehow they have managed
without me and my grooming.

it are not the dog in the wheat.
for shame, i have wandered, o.
beef multitudes, each time to
the veterinarian, and my mother
continues to save us all. in dreams.


one could one would one may one might one should one just might one can one will one can't one won't one may one may not one time this one time




hearty evidence for
inert choking (learned)

this is a clatogram.
this is not a streetmap.
(look it up)

you know,
this can not be nothing.
how frustrating.

(he finds this "refreshing")
i guess it's something.


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