be still my swimsuit of grandiosity

when will it have happened; discord bearing the weight of your 60 lb baby
suddenly where there should be two of some thing; by day the day
by day the
jaunty fissures in half-awakening remembrance; catalogs of
cataloging; it's not that in dreaming there isn't syntax--rather
following all logic, finger clouds redundant with mechination

it owns an alpaca; it owns infinite tricks; its identities opening into it
magic shows are all the rage amongst magicians; metaphor is all the rage
amongst those with little self-confidence; undue hair over the dramatics of
indulgence; and then out with your hand; and then off with definition tattoos
there is something to be said for definite infinitude; approximation

no veiled narrative; rather seeing with an eye toward pointing
nothing is nothing; we imagine our death; we fist food prep and predilection
i imagine the theater of our death; our death becomes my gloved fits
retailing for one handicap; one good guess per shiny recurrence
the testimony backing out of candor; the misuse of singularity

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