what, no response to my new age age?



here are my embarrassing itunes artists, all of which have their strong points, and none of which are meant to be that cool kind of uncool:

ani difranco
aretha franklin
bell biv devoe
blind melon
brian eno
bruce springsteen
cat stevens
cambridge singers christmas
crowded house
frida soundtrack
indigo girls
lenny kravitz
screaming trees
also extraordinary amounts of the decemberists and david byrne--sheer quantity can be an embarrassing quality


new: 62-lb hair-puller. likes homemade tapes/chewing rubberbands. dislikes slowness.


new skill for skill set: very good at folding 8s for rock heals/narrowhouse. jgp calls the last step "making your flower." my dad used to say girls make butterflies and cocoa puffs.


gave the womb-buddy a significant haircut last night. heard from jgp that not all identical womb-buddies are actually identical; 2 sperm can fertilize one egg (new info). of course, there is also the flip-side: chimera (thus the 'i am my own twin' issue of peek which may apparently never digest its prehensile tail), or fetus-in-fetu, or people who at some point during development consumed their own twin, thus 2, two, too sets of DNA in one body YES.

i wonder what feels stranger: knowing you should have been one person but became two, or knowing you should be one person but are two.


is nostalgia real? who cares. i'm gonna go write down the dream.

ps today's logging of bs is dedicated to justin, who is voyeuristic for such a redundant restaurant eater and NPO romeo.


sharon said...

ha, dishwalla... i have like a whole roll of film of their performance at the 96 hfstival. i thought the lead singer was hot (he probably still is)

genetics are weird, man. I wanna know if I'm a chimera. T-shirt hell has a onesie you can buy for your baby that says "I ate my own twin."

kevin.thurston said...

i have this horrible sinking feeling the BBD came when i loaded up yer itunes

nationofulysses said...

NPO romeo?