transmodern festival. many highlights, specifically:
nancy andrews film (ima plume trilogy--hand-drawn animations, b/w noir, myth vs dreamscape)
stephanie barber film (catalog--equal parts nostalgia and comment on same, just enough beautiful linear quality of text but abstract and perseverative enough to be entirely consuming)
shodokeh beatboxing/breakdancing performance (mandala plastic flooring)
lexie mountain boys performance (modular skirts, victorian farting, 19th century rave)
nao bustamante performance (fake fire-->obvious propping-->see-thru antics and faux awkwarndess YES)
gnomes/kickball in the park (we invented a game called 'mean face kick,' self-explanatory)

slapdown! (all-women's wrestling, kind of like GLOW, and i know those of you who read this know what i'm talking about) should have been successful and provacative but failed. should have been that tongue-in-cheek/ironic masculinity overlaying its own stereotypes; should have been pushed to a point of rendering those stereotypes moot but instead looked like the very thing it should have mimicked in that critical way. very disappointing. felt like pay-per-view. one of the only performances i've ever walked out on due to my own preturbation--not the kind that elicits good dialogue. does however elicit questions i have about the line between this neo-feminism of 'reclaiming' bettie page femininity and something being exploitive by virtue of violence. masculine violence between women is not an equilizer. sorry. for writing all that.

someone played a tie-dyed tambourine in a completely sincere way. it was very funny. to me.

other bits:
-today i was actually asked if i have goals that i am working toward. i laughed. i just don't want them, which would probably be liberating if i had ever had goals to begin with. i actually don't think this is pathetic at all.
-'worse' requires context which is not always available.
-today i went hiking with womb-buddy bender and her man-buddy, and their three dogs. rediculous sun and fun.
-i might want to re-remember and record the best dream of my life every day for an indeterminate amount of time, just to see what happens. i hope that's not too self-involved...wait, i blog.
-need a photo cake.

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