real poets, real stories

me - tetris
kevin - hockey, fantasy baseball
justin - PS2 (?), long walks
ryan - ultimate frisbee
jgp - boxing

the sporting life of writers. i propose full-contact poems. but i also wish i didn't keep fitting in as male. not that you four are academics. male, yes.

i grew my hair for a whole year.

i'm talking paradigm, people.


nationofulysses said...

upgraded to xBox 360 -- but that's ok. Tetris (four tennis) will always be backward compatible or repackaged for later consoles. I’m the guiltiest for guying a GameBoy Advanced simply to play my black and white copy of Tetris on it – then the battery died months later.
I mean Blocks!

Ryan W. said...

I agree. but I also rode my scooter to my mom's house to watch a baseball game on her cable tv yesterday. but it's a toss up whether the game was really the impetus or the excuse for the trip.

Ryan W. said...

I just meant "I agree" with the post, in general, the sum of the parts, but not any one part, or none.

bender said...

i thought you were trying to make a case for scooter-riding to be a sport.

i also like athletic dancing.

Ryan W. said...

actually there are scooter races. I guess probably there are races for anything.