my li'l animal totem

this is close to the dog in the wheat in my dream. apparently it's a border collie. the one in my dream was much more scraggly and had more white on him, and was not symmetric in coloring. i'm trying to become at least somewhat okay with personal narrative, even though i'll probably never like it as content, content being a separate issue altogether and not meant to be in proximity to my animal totem. i'm preserving my dog in the wheat field as valid profundity and have no plans to manipulate it otherwise, even though i might write about it and that writing may be way different from other things i would normally write.


Seshmet said...

i was doing a reiki treatment on a client and i visualized a border collie somewhat like the one you have on your page. I was trying to find out more for her on totems of the border collie but cant seem to find much except all dogs. Any info you can share will be appreciated. thanks!

lauren bender said...

i have no info, sorry. this was just a dog in a dream i had a couple of years ago.