goofball oracle by the beefcake twins

some questions and answers (arbitrary):

to what extent does style smother freedom?
because i wanted to impress general earl nagle.

would you "buy on credit" with the hope that you could keep up the payments?
the color of your smile.

why do people like jobim?

why do cocks crow?
i would certainly never "buy" anything if i didn't have the "cash" or the "fortitude."

is your life a constant struggle for survival?
the element of surprise is no substitute for telepathic circumstance.

why did i put all of it in my mouth?
kevin thurston.


kevin.thurston said...

"why did i put all of it in my mouth?
kevin thurston."

oh, good--a fat joke

Ryan W. said...

that comment up there is by kevin thurston. he was in dc for the poetry theatre. I was drunk on 2/3 of a beer commenting on my blog then I thought I'd do this. I'm listening to the talking heads. "girls want to be with the girls". that's interesting how that's both true and falth. I had clocked in to do something for a klient obvious ("damn that television" this is a good song about making up tv show s which we can all now do due to youtube and technonologies I meant to type that() that is a function. becuase it has those parenthesis after it. I'm glad it's still light out. this is all true. I'm sweating I think. Ilove animal.s

Ryan W. said...

just think of bob an d judy