next in a long line of slime.

hey mike, refuse to perform this directive.

hey mike, husk the hittites as summer descends--there's saran wrap in the second drawer. huff titties. find this offensive.

hey mike, be any genre, you're pathetic!

hey mike, i need you to circle jerk in cyberspace with a candlestick.

hey mike, watch me do some of my skills. i'm femine.

hey mike, i want you to gentrify me so hard in my cultural corridor district. paint over the graffiti cover-ups.

hey mike, $2.78, 1 million, 43 centimeters. you do the math.

hey mike, recreate every fluxus performance piece inside iran's humanitarian purposes. venn diagram.

hey mike, "fffffffffffffffffffff." <3 "bee bee bee." ~^..^~

hey mike, why, flush out that curly fry, crush bunion, milk, eggs, bank, grandmom, feel my hair, think your drawers on, up up up, c'mon, up up up, encode yonder titmouse, associate swimmingly, emboss soft turd scandal into yearbook pages, violent potato, old ear, shotgun cream soda and flinch, you ninny!

hey mike, we hope you'll send all of your excess garnish to kevin thurston, 299 richmond avenue, lower buffalo, ny 14222.

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