but my hair looks terrific

i was pummeled. i won't be going back.

33 people died. i heard about it when i was buying my spring wardrobe (shorts, spice girls tee shirt) at valu(e) village. the dj was having people call in to agree with him that this incident calls for metal detectors on college campuses. unfortunately, policing does not affect gargantuan misjudgements on the part of the police itself. i have a complete lack of respect for anyone interested in the power that goes with carrying a weapon, even metaphorical. i don't expect that to be surprising.

on my way out of kinko's this am i saw a man with a gun. he was shooting bee-bees at someone's window. it was surreal to see a man aiming a gun at a window in broad daylight, in the middle of 31st street.

on the weekend i saw jessica grim read. her poems were very effective as poems, in that they projected me into a space, one not described or even alluded to in the poems themselves, nor one pre-conjured in my own mind, but rather one found through...syntax? piecing of language and association? true through-poems. poems through a place but not of it. she also used poet words, like 'supine,' in poetic ways but not Poet ways.

i say i read a lot but really i still play a lot of tetris. when i have time to read i nap instead. when rupert asked me last night what i've been writing, i said, "goofy little things," which is still an exaggeration. when justin and jgp described me as "passionate" about art/poemmaking the other night, i tried to explain that it's not exactly true, but i think they thought i was trying to be humble. then we went to see the host, which was amazing in that hokey, horror-movie-as-pseudo-satire kind of way.


nationofulysses said...

I called you mercurial too.


the Well-Balanced Buccaneer
The Symmetrical Pirate
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bender said...

taken, accepted.