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well, ryan's posted, so i guess i should too. emo/agro blogs follow suit. it's a rule, like, "no james, no scratching your down-theres and then smelling your fingers in public."

(this is all true)

(i was killed seventeen times by a hunting rifle)

(every time my family eats a guinea pig i feel compelled to tell my own personal story)

although my various organelles continue hard at work eradicating whatever it is in my body that is making--among other things--my skin hurt, i sit freezing in my basement making sheep drawings on scratchboard. nothing against sheep, but i wouldn't be doing this if i didn't have to.

li'l boi blue
my archetype--
have you seen it?

i'm quaker.
or, my selected lifestyle
is pasteurizing supremely.

we're quaker.
we go to a special school
where we scratch out the "weee."

ryan mentioned bks, and i find this particularly compelling at the moment:

But I don’t have a fact in me.
I let the blog date this poem.

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