two things. maybe three.

1. i really think blogging is emo.
2. this morning i sweated through my pajamas in my sleep. it was extreme.
3. if anyone reading my emo blog is considering buying me a birthday present (which they're probably not, because here are the prospective readers:
a. justin: clearly does not need to buy me a present since we will shortly be in love
b. kevin: see heating bill post below
c. ryan: doesn't know me well enough; might think i'm morbid
d. kaplan: doesn't know me well enough; might have offended him during reading

man, look at all that man--where my bitches at??

(e. miriam: might forget that i told her i have a blog; not sure we're doing presents this year))

here is what i would like (women's small):

4. one weird thing about blogging is that as public and self-involved as it is, there's still a good amount of censoring. i almost think, "what's the point?" there's no almost about it. and yet,


Ryan W. said...

blogging is mostly emo for me, I think. it is sometimes agro. I think you and justin should start a white stripes cover band and have public relationship/familial ambiguity. pretty soon you'll be drowning in bitches, then you'll be sorry. I know you very well. Very, very well. Better than you know yourself. I'm going to buy you a giant Lexus shaped like a donut for your birthday. you definitely have never offended kaplan. I think he's mostly not offendable. one of the least offendable people anyways. in the lower quartile anyways.

bender said...

you're so agro. i can tell by your mean haircut.

justin and i have a guitar hero band called 'the shrimps.' we play only one song: 'mother,' by danzig. but MAN do we play it.

ryan walker, if you buy me a giant donut-shaped lexus (with 20" rims; don't forget the rims), i will forego enchilada smearing with justin and go straight to taco throwing with you.

i am in the top quartile of offensive people but the lower quartile of offendable.

cathye said...

i'm readnig it too. when's your birthday? i already got you something a while ago just been waiting to give it to you. what size pants do you wear, also.

bender said...

YES! well, i wear a 48 waist when twinning it up. i'm not sure what my actual pants size is.