oh, here's something

strangers knocking on your door--that's something everyone can relate to. two nice ladies in rayon shirts just came by and dropped off some reading material for me. i had to put tetris on pause, which affected the outcome of my game.

the issue of awake! they left is about, according to one of the witnesses, "educating young people about the dangers of the internet." i guess she doesn't have a blog.

according to awake!, water bears (tardigrades) love god because they can go into a deathlike state for up to 100 years by virtue of sugar conversion and their ability to cover themselves in wax. "in their own quiet but wonderful way, these tiny "creeping things" praise jehovah."


Ryan W. said...

woah, how did I not know about water bears. water bears are real, b/c there is a wikipedia entry.

bender said...

so what have we learned?

1. if things die, they love god.
2. if things are discussed, they are real.