little things

b i r t h d a y:

today commemorates the fact that my sister and i have been alive for the exact same amount of time. we worry a lot that this won't always be the case, but then we remember that we're never going to die. what a relief!

my roommate brought me breakfast in bed: blueberry muffins with crumblies, blueberry jam, butter (the jam and the butter were in little glass bowls), on a blue plate. i don't think i've ever had breakfast in bed, except that our parents used to coax us out of bed on vacation with donuts at the hotel table.

m o r m o n s:

my roommate is a 42-year-old mormon. we're the same height.

u t i l i t i e s:

kevin says he has a gas bill over $700.

v i r a l i n f e c t i o n s:

the zicam chewables have lost their charm, and my lymph nodes could be described as "shoddy."

if i have children, here are their names:
1. shoddy nodes
2. mr. buzzle
3. keith

m o v i e:

last night i watched all about my mother. i like almodovar--i like the permeability of drama on drama and the ease with which i accept the sometimes obvious visual aesthetic/beauty. i also like the narrative between films; not a linear one but more of a conceptual one. i guess this could just be because of that overt aesthetic, the way that any director's films could be linked together, but there's something else there--some sensibility that is tangible enough to imply a narrative.

l o o k a l i k e s:

is anyone reading this? why the hell am i keeping a journal? i hate journals. i had to do it for therapy once and the only part i liked was the gold star stickers. of course, the only celebrity look-alike comment i ever received was that i resembled judy dench, and in her most recent film she keeps an obsessive journal with gold stars, and suddenly the trajectory of my life makes sense.

my sister is on my driver's license.

b i r t h d a y for m o r m o n s
like a christmas ham
that's right (embalming)
plural burial

(water bears make good witnesses)
(u t i l i t i e s make good friends)

some sort of v i r a l i n f e c t i o n
mistakes were made in symmetry
or an error in identification
we divide; i are not we
(a m o v i e of
l o o k a l i k e s

t h i n g s being exactly as they should
is the most terrifying thing

(literal)heart blown and kicked)


Ryan W. said...

"is anyone reading this?"
no. but water bears do make good witnesses. that's awfully true. happy sick birthday. last night I watched The Dark Corner, which film noir where Lucille Ball plays the detective's secretary. I liked it.

-k said...

Happy birthday! To you and Leigh. Or more officially: "This is Happy Birthday to YOU."

Last night I watched no movies because the NCAA basketball tournament has too much of my attention. The whole brackets gambling thing is kinda noirish if broken kneecaps are ever a possibility.

Judi Dench--perhaps. I get lots of comments about me and Ben Stiller.