lifestyle shifts

welcome back. since my last post, i have eaten an entire chipotle chicken burrito, two pieces of birthday cake, and a quarter of a container of mint chocolate chip ice cream. okay, that just happened in the last 45 minutes. but it felt like an eternity of goodness.

i believe that the black-and-white farm dog i mentioned in the previous post--one half of the best dream i've ever had (the other half was the windy wheat he was surrounded by)--is my animal totem. perhaps he is my spirit animal and i should consider mailing a dog in as a mail art submission (also below). when i awoke smiling, i thought, "remember this! this is the only good dream you've ever had! it's not about tornados, bloody babies, or a penis that pops out of your belly button and looks dangerously close to a wagging pinky finger!!"

i am working toward a career in nursing. i never thought i would work toward a career. part of the nursing allure is the gore factor, and part is the latent catholic guilt/golden rule neurosis. in second grade, i sat right in front of a laminated golden rule. once i asked my teacher, mrs. gladhill, if i could go to the bathroom. this was a big deal because my sister and i used to be so shy that we would only talk to each other. ms. gladhill wouldn't let me go. i thought i peed my pants, but i went to the nurse, and it turned out i didn't. once i peed in my pajamas on purpose as an attention-seeking device, to get my m0ther to wake up and come into my room. pee seeping down my flannel pajamas and into their plastic feet taught me a lesson: pee in bed, but do it in the right pajamas.

what else...what else might kevin, justin, and ryan want to hear about...tonight transmodern starts--experimental films. saturday i'm an 'oddience' member and will be subverting the dominant paradigm, damning the man, and turning conventional gender ideals on their head with a paper bag over my head labeled: "DO NOT DISTURB: THINKING ABOUT DEATH." actually i'm just lazy and feel less self-conscious when no one can see my face, and this way i can just sit in a corner and think the same thoughts i always do, and can even grimace if i want.

when i move in with my sister we will have three dogs and four cats, and her boyfriend.

i like the lorraine graham chapdisc for its packaging and the recognizable narrative which peeks through her work, in terms of relocation, 'heritage,' and the personal through a topographic medium. her delivery is often sarcastic, which lends a little more cynicism than i would like. i can say that because it's exactly how i present myself to the world. hearing her makes me think about the shapes her mouth makes when she reads, which would happen even more if i was listening to a mark wallace disc, except then i would picture his mouth.

my first daffodil bloomed today. mating a red flower and a white flower disproves an early genetics theory, but i can't remember which one.


and the answer to the prostitute joke/header below is:

one shucks between fits.


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