it's been six hours and if anything today feel less special than any other day in recent memory. justin made things a bit more bearable by telling me that strawberry pop tarts were the most-bought item from wal-mart after katrina.

justin's going to talk to my sister's boyfriend about various autoimmune disorders involving only one side of the body so that he (justin) can date me. i am at the top of justin's list of everything. if justin and i were in a kitchen full of enchiladas,


nationofulysses said...

this is the type of thing i used to bet marianne $2 on -- i think she owes me about $66.50

please consult reference 34c:

"The company is revered for its efficient and highly centralized logistics, which have sometimes allowed it to capitalize on natural disasters. Learning from its database that during hurricanes people eat more strawberry Pop-Tarts, Wal-Mart has in the past responded to dire weather predictions in Florida by making sure stores in that region were stocked accordingly."

bender said...

if justin and i were in a kitchen full of enchiladas, we would bet back and forth until all of our money was gone. that's how much we would be in love.

nationofulysses said...

i think a kitchen full of enchilada filled poptarts would be just as hot. piping hot. happy birthday ladyface.

bender said...